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We acknowledge the Ancestors and Darug Country ~ Ngyina Darug Ngurrawa.

Thankyou, Didjorigor.

Welcome to the Expo Journey New Earth Dreaming, New Way Walking

sacred transmission, where you will be able to take energies,

ideas and new ways into your life and your communities.

When we find our tribe where we can truly share our gifts and shine,

collectively thinking, feeling and co-creating in a coherent way,

we grow and expand with the cross-pollination of ideas and concepts,

and realities begin to change.


We are no longer a Lone Tree standing in infertile lands.

We are part of a Great Forest.

Visions and Dreams we never thought possible begin to Manifest.

Saturday 18 & Sunday 19 March, 2023 
A Free virtual gathering on Zoom - This Event has finished.

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Ngyina Darug Ngurrawa. We are on Darug Country for the filming of this video. We appreciate the guidance of the Ancestors - Didjorigor- Thankyou.
This Video Wasco-created and  produced by Film Producers and Editor Re Lim and Michelle Mahrersin honour of the VisionKeepers collective visioning of  New Earth Dreaming, New Way Walking, Filmed at VisionKeepers 6th birthday Gathering at Hearthground, Colo River December 2022, and Rose Bay, Sydney February2023. 
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Why we are Offering this Immersive Journey Now

Many of you will have been personally affected by the last few years of uncertainty and disconnection, with the crumbling away of old familiar ways - many of which have not served humanity. You are dreaming of a new reality for yourself and collectively for humanity, and the communities you live in and contribute to. You may be looking to find like-hearted and like-minded people to grow and belong with. Perhaps you are feeling pulled toward, or have already activated a call to leadership.

This expo journey has been carefully crafted to share the ancient and conscious wisdoms of the past ages and is appropriate for our modern times. The word 'expo' is short for 'exposition' and has Latin roots meaning putting something out in the open. This is a Unique Opportunity to open up to new ideas and possibilities, expand and grow your resourcefulness, moving from chaos to harmony, and be guided to find your own personal Map of growth to help navigate a changing world.

Do You Feel The Call to Join the Dreaming and CoCreation of our New Earth and Ways? 

You have been aware of an uncertainty and unsafety in the world and are looking at centering yourself and expanding your energy despite the continued external chaos.

Are you open to listening to and embodying Ancient Wisdom and to fully activate your innate gifts to more consciously and confidently walk in new ways with those around you?? 

At times you feel a sense of disconnection or looking to find other like minded people to grow and belong with.  You find yourself asking:

What can we do collectively, differently and more of to accelerate the transition of the world and our lives into living a life of Peace, Harmony, and Unity? 


You identify as a Universal Light Weaver, Visionary and Conscious Walker bringing forward the reality of the New Earth we are all dreaming into existence.

Are you ready to create a palpable alignment to the infinite power through your sacred nature? 

If one or more of these Quests and/or Questions resonates, then this will be an exceptional opportunity to unite with others of like-heart and mind to join The VisionKeepers for a weekend of teachings to support you through this transition so you feel more confident to contribute to and influence the Journey of New Earth Dreaming, New Way Walking.

During this weekend Expo Journey, you will:

  • Be received in a supportive, energetic space to align yourself to a New Way of Walking on the Earth.

  • Be placing your energetic footprint to create a harmonious world for our future generations.

  • Be receiving key tools to increase your resiliency and move through any challenges you are being presented with now.

  • Understand more how to be a heart-centred human being that cares for yourself, others and the Earth.

  • Have an opportunity to explore and define your contribution and place in the New Earth.

  • Find yourself amongst a larger tribe to belong with in the world and be supported with more joy, flow, resiliency and emotional freedom.

Who is Guiding The Journey?
This is a curated transformative and expansive Journey facilitated by a diverse team of experienced and inspiring Health and Wellbeing Practitioners, Visionaries and Community Leaders who come from varied backgrounds and different areas of expertise. Collectively known as The VisionKeepers.
The VisionKeepers are in their seventh year since forming in 2016, meeting regularly to reflect on their personal and professional journeys.  Their collective vision is to build authentic relationships where they spend time nurturing each other into their full potential. They do this through loving connection, deep sharing and listening, co-creation, and collective visioning of a vibrant, healthy earth, and healing and transformation for humanity and the communities they serve. 
The VisionKeepers look forward to individually and collectively offering a wide variety of creative and inspiring presentations this weekend. 
Walking each other home_edited.jpg
We are the hopes and dreams of our Ancestors,
and we are walking a New Way into the future.

We are creating a New Earth NOW
by embodying our place between the Earth and the Cosmos,
dancing between our Sovereignty and Personal Evolution

and our place in Service as Light Weavers and Leaders in Community.

We are Building and CoCreating from Love.
We are Walking Each Other Home


The Sequence of the Journey and Modalities on Offer 

This Expo Journey is a virtual experience to be held over two days where you can connect from the comfort of your own home and from anywhere in the world.

The Journey invites you to claim the New Earth that you want to live in and are committed to co-create through your intentions, energies and actions.

You will be guided through a series of offerings that have been carefully designed by gifted facilitators to be inclusive and honouring on many levels, being interactive, intellectually stimulating, practical and experiential. Each presentation dovetails into the next to create a deep and integrated discovery of what it takes to Walk a New Way in this fast-changing world.

Your facilitators will take you on a journey which is divided into four distinct quadrants/themes:


The 1st quadrant being the North Node will support you to connect to the ancestors and spirit to open yourself up to the invisible and lineages that have walked before you. You will connect to the sacredness of your own body and Mother Earth as a living, sentient being.


This will set up a foundation that will take you into the South Node where you will explore your visioning and dreaming of your own life and how you envisage and see the New Earth looking in the future.

With the clarity of your visions and inspiration you have received we move into the West Node to restore some of the sacred ancient principles of living life ie. reciprocity, honouring the elements and learning the tools necessary to embody and integrate the New Earth New Way Walking into your own life.

The 4th and final quadrant is the East Node which is all about gratitude, celebration, responsibility and commitment moving forward. How do you keep yourself accountable and in alignment with the new choices, behaviours and actions to ground in the New Earth New Way Walking into life.

We will be using a variety of different modalities to support you over the 2 days including:


  •  Heart-based sacred ceremonies

  •  Connection to Country the Ancestors

  •  Sound for healing and balancing

  •  Various meditation techniques

  •  Visioning and tuning into new realities

  •  Energy medicine with the natural elements and crystals.

  •  Family constellation work

  •  Body based integration

  •  Seeing yourself walking through the hero’s journey within your own life

  •  Sacred dance and movement

  •  Tree of life and the sacred elements

  •  Heart based communication and neuroscience

  •  Self responsibility and commitment.


This offering is a gift from us to you so no financial exchange is required to have access to the Expo Journey going live during this weekend.  Sharing is caring, please help us help others by sharing this offering with your friends, communities and loved ones. Your contribution and support will amplify this gift to the greater collective.


We are very excited to connect with you and to be on this journey together. You are required to register to participate on Zoom and be part of the journey as you will need guidance and information as to how this will all unfold. Please book early to ensure your place.



Are you someone who recognises that we are in the

midst of an epic Transformative Shift that is

changing the Way of The World as we know it?


Can you feel the Intensity of the Energy of the Moment?

Are you looking for Ways and Tools to

navigate this Shift in your life and

integrate the Light in Your Body?

Schedule of Events
Most events have link to where you can find more information.

    Saturday March 18

10 AM - 1 PM


Segment One of the Expo Journey and the Teachings of the North and Body:  Where you explore your relationship with your Body and the Earth.

Opening Ceremony with Yia Alias, in collaboration with Boorroo, Sophie Spiers, Nicolas Alias, and Mignon Mukti Lee Warden.


Acknowledging and Connecting with Country and Your Ancestors: Harnessing Ancient Wisdom to support your New Way Walking with Boorroo, Adam Crossley, and Heather Price.


Mandala Creation: Anchor in Beauty with Alison Petrie and Etty Ayalon.


Movement: Sacred Embodiment Dance: 

Dancing with Five Rhythms Dance Facilitator Michelle Mahrer.


A Nature Constellation: Back to Nature - Back to Self, with Tara Fischer.


2 PM - 5 PM 


Welcome to Segment Two and the Journey with the South and Your Mind: Where dreams become clear visions, blocks are identified and cleared, and actions planned.

Panel DiscussionWhat is the relevance of New Earth Dreaming and New Way Walking at this time for leaders within conscious communities and co-operations? What is happening now already?  With community leaders: 

Marc Cottee, Joe Figliano, Alexander McPherson and Nicolas Perrin.


Mantra Yoga Nidra:  Sound Healing with Geeti and Gyan.


Collective Dreaming and Visioning: Aligning to the Collective Vision Within the Matrix with Nicolas Perrin, supported by movement with Michelle Mahrer.


Sacred Drum Journey: Integration of Your Vision for the New Earth with Ettinka


Embodying Your Vision: Addressing Your Limitations with Alison Petrie.


Join in Sound: An interactive and  Collective Journey to Integrate Visions for the day.

   Sunday March 19

10 AM - 1 PM


Welcome to Segment Three and the Journey with the West and Your Heart: We are becoming and embodying the New Earth Dreaming and New Way Walking.

Dancing into our Heart Centre:  

A 5Rhythms dance journey with Michelle Mahrer


The Three Mothers: Ancient Hebrew Magic for The New Earth with Ettinka Ayalon and Mignon Mukti.


Power of Authentic Communication: ...Appreciation of the positive impact authentic communication can have on our liveswith Shari Elle and Catherine Robertson.


Shine Your Light Brightly: A Journey of Loving Connection, Communicating and Healing in Unseen Worlds, with Heather Price and Kassandra Scardino. 


Divine Harmony and Flow: Restoring Balance to Mind, Body and Spirit with Geeti and Gyan,  Alison Petrie, Alexander McPherson and Re Lim – a multi-media experience. 

2 PM - 5 PM 


Welcome to Segment Four and the Journey to the East and Spirit: Where dreams become clear visions, blocks are identified and cleared, and actions are planned.

Body Magic: Earth ~ Brain ~ Gut Connection and Receiving Gifts and Nourishment from the Earth with Kerstin Buccoliero.


Conscious Creation with Nicolas Perrin.

Personal Responsibility - Competitive to Collaborative with Josie Thomson


End Self Sabotage: From Competitive to Collaborative, from Mind to Heart with Josie Thomson.


The Journey of Enquiry, Connection and Celebration with VisionKeepers from Here: An interactive reflection and overview of continuing opportunities to connect.


Celebration Dance: Live Music and Movement with Michelle Mahrer, Geeti and Gyan

A dance of celebration to integrate our expo experience, shine our light and offer a global prayer.


Closing Ceremony: with Heather Price and Farewell.

Meet Your Hosts and Facilitators 

We are delighted to introduce you to your Hosts and Facilitators who will hold you over the weekend.

You can press the page extension to find more information on their presentations. 

Boorroo Lavendar.png

Warami I’m Boorroo. 

I’m a Walbunja Wawarrawarri woman from the East Coast, a Mother and Grandmother. 


I have 20 years in Community Services, Juvenile Justice, Mediation, Disability and Carers, Aboriginal Circle Sentencing and Cell Support. 

For the last 17yrs I have dedicated myself to the Spiritual, from Psychic Mediumship work to Energy and Entity Clearings, Business and House Blessings, Spirit Investigation Medium & Ghost Tours at QStation, to Energy & Sound Healings and Massage- both locally and around this Country. 

I am also an Artist and have recently included Activation Art into my Dillybag of Healing Tools. 

I have been a part of many Circles and Ceremonies, both Indigenous and non-indigenous, as my Heart and Soul is for Healing, for Mother Earth , Family and Community. 

I was born with many of my gifts, but also hold Knowledge and Wisdom that has been handed down through the generations of my Ancient Ancestors, I am a Spirit and  Medicine Woman with a deep Connection to Country and my Ancestors.

Boorroo is a longstanding member of the VisionKeepers leadership community.


Facebook Website





Heather Witta 1.jpg

Heather Price was given the vision for The VisionKeepers leadership community in 2012 and co-founded the group in 2016. She has been a Co-Creator of the NEDNWW  Expo Journey within the Creative Design, Production and Tech Teams. 


Heather is a Shamanic Path and Practice (SPP) healing practitioner/ trainer, Energy Medicine Deepening (EMD) co-founder and trainer, Parenting 2.0 global ambassador, ceremony woman, vision-planner and visionary. She is an established author, and is in service to community and humanity on a quest to create a path of supporting vibrant health and wellbeing, and hope for a thriving New Earth for future generation, for all those she walks with. 


Heather aspires to develop conscious communities and working environments, inspiring confidence, self- awareness, and offers sacred practices to inspire spirited living, loving and leading. 

READ MORE to find out about Heather's Expo Journey Offering




Etty is a member of and active co-ordinator for the VisionKeepers leadership community and member of the Creative Design and Production teams for this event.


Also known as Ettinka, Etty is an Israeli born Australia based Lightworker who is passionate about Shamanism and Kabbalah. Ettinka is proficient in energy healing and Shamanic Path & Practice with a wide range of tools available and works intuitively as guided by Spirit. Ettinka shares her unique teaching in workshops, offers rite of passage ceremonies, is an artist and short story author.  


Ettinka also known as Etty, began her awakening in the year 2000 and is focused on anchoring light into the planet to support its journey into the New Earth. As such she is happy to share the knowledge and wisdom she has accumulated over the past two decades. Her approach to energy work is to empower you with tools to heal yourself and learn how to raise and maintain your energetic vibration. She is not the healer, rather a facilitator that creates the space for you to connect with your innate wisdom and healing guides in support of your transformation.  


Ettinka’s tool kit includes Reiki (Master), colour therapy, aromatherapy massage, vibrational essences, Theta healing, The Malchitzedeck Method, Shamanic Path & Practice, Hebrew Letters of Light, Tree of Life Healing, crystal bowl sound healings, drum journeys and more... 




 Mignon Mukti is a VisionKeeper and a member of the Creative Design, Technical and Production teams for this event.


Mukti is a transformational musician, sound healer, event producer and sacred activist. Her intercultural music and activism grew from her early life as an actor, musician and young lesbian feminist growing up in apartheid South Africa.


Mukti’s community workshops and Divine Songs sacred song circles embody homecoming, unity, wisdom and kindness in a sometimes unkind and divided world. Mukti’s meditations take us deep into our own elements of water, earth, fire and air. Her music and sound healing can create a flowing backdrop to yoga or movement practices or stand alone journeys with sound, meditation and mantra.


Magic is created with Crystal Alchemy Bowls, Aqua Gong, Lumnezia Monochord, ethereal voice, Rav Vast tongue pan and mantra.


She has a 30 year herstory of producing diverse retreats, workshops, festivals around the world. Mukti leads group song circles and healings as well as private Biodynamic Craniosacral, Crystal Alchemy Bowl Therapy and sound healing sessions, meditation and Samvahan sessions.




Alison Petrie Host and Facilitator

Alison is a Co-Founder of The VisionKeepers Community and a member of the Creative Design and Production Teams for this event. 


Alison is a Sydney based Tantric Facilitator and Embodiment Practitioner who holds space with high integrity and powerful depth. Alison has a special gift for supporting women to restore and embody their feminine nature and reclaim the ability to feel pleasure and joy.


After leaving the corporate world she originally trained in Psychology and Counselling but soon discovered the importance of  body-based modalities, conscious sexuality and energy work as integral parts of supporting people to return to wholeness. Her studies span Tantra, trauma-informed bodywork, Conscious Dance Facilitation, Yoga and Meditation. She utilises these tools and learnings in her workshops and her private practice to provide a safe, deep and loving space for healing, transformation and growth.



kass ik.jpg

Kassandra is a co-founder of The VisionKeepers leadership community. Born with empathic abilities, Kassandra unlocked her potential after studying Pranic Healing and becoming a full-time energetic healer in 2011.


Kassandra works as a psychic, healer, crystal teacher and spiritual coach. She is accredited internationally for her modality Point Of Light Crystal Therapy that is a combination of energetic reprogramming that rewrites cellular memories in the human matrix resolving an array of conflicts within peoples lives.


Kassandra is working to create a common mission of health, abundance, sustainability and wellbeing within the community and a beacon for those seeking assistance on their journey.


Facebook Website 


Michelle Mahrer is an original co-founding member of The VisionKeepers leadership community and a member of the Creative Design Production and Media Teams, and film maker, for our NEDMWW Expo Event.  


Michelle is an Embodiment Mentor, 5Rhythms Dance Teacher, Dance Movement Therapist, Medicine Woman, Filmmaker and international best selling author, based in Sydney with over 25 year’s experience teaching in Australia and internationally.


Her passion is to help conscious women and men on a path of self growth to reconnect with joy, wellbeing and wholeness. She creates sacred spaces to awaken your own creative movement that comes from within, relaxing the mind, coming home to the body, to embody your soul and essence. She teaches you how to use embodied movement to connect with source energy that is your healing power. This work helps heal trauma, bringing back into wholeness all the fragmented parts of self, opening deeper authenticity, self empowerment and freedom.


Her mission is to contribute to the upliftment of humanity through the joy and power of dance, so that together we can become a healing channel for ourselves and all of life, and return to love our true nature.


Michelle is passionate about the power of dance to help heal our trauma and disconnection, to come back into alignment with our true nature and power, and equally passionate about creating community, bringing diverse groups of people together to experience our common humanity, belonging, connection and love through dance. 



tara ik.jpg

Tara Fischer is an original founding member of The VisionKeepers. She is a medicine woman and ceremonialist, feminine embodiment mentor, family constellations facilitator, DARE counsellor, master kundalini dance teacher, tantric and sex educator and a trauma informed bodyworker. 

After a near death experience in 1994. Allopathic medicine offered her little relief or cure for her dis-ease. This led her on her own holistic self healing journey and curing her endometriosis. As a result, Tara has studied with some of the most unique teachers around the world over the past 29 years. Her greatest passion is to assist and guide people to the source of their own happiness, love and personal power. To enable them to experience the joy of life and the pleasure in all things.

Tara teaches people how to work with the powerful forces of nature using the modality of Systemic Nature Constellations and movement. Weaving her tools together to facilitate deep change on all levels of your being. Bringing you into alignment with your true nature and purpose. 

Tara embodies the work that she teaches as she has journeyed deeply through her own transformational awakening using these tools. She holds deep spaces of transformation with great care, compassion, integrity and love. Her greatest passion is to assist and guide people to the source of their own happiness, love and personal power.




Shari is a member of the VisionKeeper community. Shari recognises that the quality of the life we live together is in the quality of our words, and how we communicate with ourselves and with others.

That our relationships, and level of trust, are enriched or eroded through what we say, and how we say it. Creating unity or division.

She recognises that we communicate primarily through energy… In fact, this is our first language. And so there is power, including power to influence, when we speak from core authenticity, rather than our thoughts and judgements or 

manipulation to get the outcome we think we want.

Similarly, our ability to create the future we dream of on this planet is about being in
alignment with what really matters to us, the qualities of Life, not the outcome. The
outcome comes from our inner alignment.

Shari shares the missing piece, of how to listen beyond the words of what someone is saying to instead, listen from a deeper place, and experience, the true essence of “connection”.

She runs programs which support people to stand in their natural leadership, and speak
from their true power.
She lives near the beach on the Sunshine Coast, and has 2 grown sons who light up her life and is nourished by deep enriching relationships.



Marc Kundalini, Narrowneck, Blue Mts, 2.7.21.png

Marc is a Co-Founder of The VisionKeepers leadership community and the Together We Thrive Online community on What's App.


Marc is Director of  Primal Wellness Solutions – Nature Therapy, is a nature guide, mindfulness coach, NLP practitioner, sound healer, reiki practitioner, space-holder, social ecologist and musician. 

Having spent decades learning from and supporting First Nations peoples, Marc is passionate about connecting to Country, reconciliation, community building, mindfulness in nature and earth medicine. He is determined to contribute to a more sustainable, compassionate and connected world where people and nature thrive together. 

Marc offers guided mindfulness walks in nature and tailors them according to the desires of the client. His walks are crafted around facilitating a personal experience of deep living connection with nature, as participants wanders in a childlike state through the bush. Walks might also include earthing meditations, bush tucker knowledge, plant and animal communication, survival skills or a didgeridoo sound bath.


Marc's primary aim is to inspire and support people to be more connected with, appreciative of and thus protective of – nature. He believes this personal relationship is key to each of us becoming Earth’s wise and benevolent stewards. 

Marc says the psychological and physical benefits of spending time in nature are wide ranging. Getting a clear, direct, embodied experience of being in connection with nature, he says, is so healing, empowering and joyful. 

Marc feels it is a privilege to witness people evolving and deepening their interconnectedness with life and nature as he holds space for them. Through his modalities of nature immersion, mindfulness and sound baths, he sees his clients become more peaceful, positive, optimistic and inspired. 


Image by Donald Giannatti

Teams ~ Credits and Gratitude 


Australia and Torres Strait Islands

Gratitude to and acknowledgment of the Ancestors of Darug Country, Ngyina Darugwar Ngurra, and traditional and present day custodians and elders of the lands where production for this expo has taken place, and those to come. Thankyou, Didjorigor. 


And gratitude to all other known and unknown traditional communities and peoples of all the lands we dwell on. 

Opening Ceremony located at Hearthground Community, Darug Country, Colo River.

Headquarters Studio
Sydney Venue provided by Etty Ayalon.


Creative Design, Marketing and Production Teams:

Nicolas Perren, Heather Price, Etty Ayalon, Alison Petrie, Yia Alias, Michelle Mahrer, Kerstin Buccoliero, Boorroo, Caitlin Wood, Mignon Mukti Lee-Warden, Geeti Julie Rogers, Gyan Jon Parry and 

Inbar Keren. 


Website Design Team:

Inbar Keren and Heather Price

Video Media Team: 

Videos were produced by Film Producer and Editor Re Lim and Michelle Mahrer.
For more information about Re's creative projects see
Tech Team
Kat Cowling, Inbar Keren. Mignon Mukti Lee Warden, Nicolas Perren, and Heather Price. 
Music Contribution:
Theme song New Earth Dreaming and other backing by Geeti and Gyan:
Backing to Opening Ceremony Nick Alias and Mignon Mukti Lee Warden.
Facilitators and Panel of Speakers


Nicolas Perrin 

Heather Price

Kassandra Scardino

Etty Ayalon

Alison Petrie

Caitlin Wood

Yia and Nick Alias


Michelle Mahrer

Geeti Rogers and Gyan Jon Parry

Tara Fischer

Mignon Mukti Lee Warden

Josie Thomson

Kerstin Buccoliero 

Shari Elle

Catherine Robertson


Our Thought Leaders panel include:


Nicolas Perrin

Joe Figliano

Marc Kundalini Cottee 

Alexander McPherson. 


Nic No watermark for web print instagram_-71.jpg

Nicolas is Co-Founder of Visionkeepers, and the Director for the New Earth Dreaming ~ New Way Walking Expo Journey. He originally worked in the corporate world living the 9 to 5 world and transitioned out 10 years ago choosing to live a heart centred life. Moving out of a survival to a thriving mindset, opened Nicolas up to embracing his gifts and living a courageous life of freedom. 


Nicolas Perrin is a life guide who supports difference makers to catalyze their most potent dormant gifts and live a life aligned to soul destiny. Nicolas supports his clients, who are gifted, to transcend the pain of playing small, confused on life direction, and find it challenging to share their unique message with the world.  His clients are supported through the creation of a magnetic vision and activating their divine soul blue print, enabling them to make the highest difference in the world. 


Nicolas believes in a holistic approach and shares about New Earth Paradigms, intuition, meditation, energetic transmissions, somatic body transformation, soul driven leadership and a thriving mindset.  He has been on his own inner awakened journey for 15 years and shares this gift with others too.


Nicolas has run over five hundred workshops, co-created with other facilitators and offered his work at conferences all over the world. 


Over the last 3 years Nicolas has been living around the world visiting sacred sites and intentional communities.  As a visionary, he is supporting to share alternative ways humanity can thrive in a win/win scenario with each other and the Earth.

Founder & Inspirational Change Maker at Lion Heart Coaching - The courageous path.




Yia Bio_edited.jpg

Yia is a long-time member of The VisionKeepers leadership community, and  a member of the Creative Design and Production teams for this event. 


Yia Alias is Ceremony Woman, Transpersonal Counsellor/Mentor, Artist, Writer, Women’s Mystery Teacher and Ceremonial Choreographer specialising in Healing through Ritual.


Yia offers a collage of beautifully blended modalities including life mapping, archetype work and healing processes with a strong focus on women's cyclic life.


In her counselling and mentoring work Yia holds space for people to navigate through Life's Thresholds, bearing witness, encouraging and inspiring them to integrate the past, heal the present and find inspiration for the future.


Yia is transitioning into her retirement years to focus on her writing and caring for HearthGround. The role of Community Weaver is where her focus is being currently directed.

Her Vision and passion are the activation of a New Global Community, where all Life is held Sacred and Reverence is Recognised and Restored.



Adam Crossley_edited.jpg



I am Adam Crossley of the Jerrinja tribe, traditional custodians of the Shoalhaven New South Wales.


I have strong connection to Jerrinja Country.


All of country is Sacred. 

It is our life source. 

We all have rights to clean air, clean water, good healthy food sources and somewhere safe and warm to sleep.


My cultural obligation is Caring for Country.

Caring for Country takes many forms.

Important roles I feel are listening to and feeling country, importantly holding sacred space for and in ceremony.


We can all care for country in what feels right for us individuals, who feel drawn to any particular role. For example, planting flora for fauna.

Thank you


Adam Crossley


Jerrinja Man and VisionKeeper.



Facebook Website


Geeti is an original  co-founding member for The VisionKeepers leadership community. Geeti & Gyan are also members of the Creative Design and Production Teams for this event. They are a Sydney-based kirtan and conscious music duo who bring a joyful presence to their innovative fusion of mantra, heart songs, sound healing, yoga and movement meditation to awaken and celebrate the beauty of the heart.

Geeti & Gyan’s open-hearted and inclusive facilitation enables people to relax, let go and open to uninhibited expression, deep nourishment and peace. 

They fuse the traditional with the contemporary, playing a variety of instruments including harmonium, guitar, piano, cajon, hand pans, harmonicas, sitar, tabla, manjira, flute, crystal, and  Tibetan bowls.

Geeti & Gyan are both kirtanists, accredited sound healers and naada yoga teachers. Gyan is also an accredited hatha yoga and meditation teacher and singer-songwriter, and Geeti a Soul Motion conscious dance and Kiryuho movement facilitator. They love sharing these deeply connecting and transformative practices in creative ways as potent medicine for the times we are living in now. 

Geeti & Gyan offer kirtans, workshops and retreats locally and also love invites and collaborating with others.



kerstine ik_edited_edited.jpg

Kerstin Buccoliero, VisionKeeper and a member of the Creative Design Team for this event,  began her journey as a Physiotherapist in 1986 in her birth country of Germany. Following her deep interest in the union of body-mind-spirit, she undertook further studies in a large variety of modalities, with one of her most studied subjects being craniosacral balancing in the 90ties, followed by the Biodynamic version of Craniosacral Balancing, as well as neurological treatment techniques and other light touch therapies such as Orthobionomy. 


By combining her Bio-mechanical knowledge with many years of awareness training, meditation, and tantra with her clinical practice, Kerstin has developed a unique skill set incorporating multiple modalities, that maybe best described as integrative bodywork.


Kerstin's practice combines her passion for Yoga, dance, and dance therapy, as well as studies in Shamanic wisdom, which she has practiced in Germany, France, and Australia.


She currently studies for her diploma in counselling which she hopes to complete in the first half of 2023, truly combining studies regarding all aspects of the body-mind and spirit unity and oneness.




Caitlin, VisionKeeper and member of the Creative Design and Productions teams for this event,  is an artist, singer, creative therapist and ceremony woman. As an embodied leader of creative freedom she loves to guide people into a more loving relationship with their body, to remind us that we are a part of something bigger, to inspire creative action towards a loving future, and to assist people and communities in developing strong foundations of connectedness, kindness and integrity.


Caitlin is a fully qualified and well experienced Dancing Freedom facilitator and Open Floor teacher. She has been sharing the joy of movement with others since 2012 and offers classes and workshops in Sydney and at conferences and festivals both around Australia and internationally. Caitlin is a lead teacher trainer and co-director with Dancing Freedom International.





Joe Figliano Panel Speaker

Joe Figliano is a VisionKeeper, Founder of Lovefest Australia and co-founder of Unity The Meeting Place.


Joe's journey began in 2008 when he healed himself from Crohns Disease.


Now through events and festivals, Joe creates and holds space for people on their inner journey to deepen connection and love for self, community and planet.


Joe is also co-founder of the Love Village concept where there can be multiple locations of community living together in harmony with each other, and nature in one connected network.

We are delighted to have Joe on our panels of Thought Leaders to talk about New Earth Dreaming ~ New Way Walking and how we can contribute individually and collectively to this Journey at this time. 



Josie Thomson is a member of The Visionkeepers leadership community and facilitator for this event. Josie's life mission is to provide guidance, tools and practical skills in how to overcome adversity, heal and build resilient leaders and communities. Josie is a multi-award winning executive coach based in Brisbane, Australia who has pioneered the use of neuroscience principles in working with business leaders around the globe. Josie is also the CEO of Wise Advocate Enterprises and a force for transformation in the lives of many. She is an acclaimed international speaker, author, and resilience and mindset expert, as well as two-time cancer survivor.


Josie completed studies in business, positive neuroplasticity, reiki, kinesiology with flower essences, executive masters studies in the Neuroscience of Leadership, and workplace mindfulness facilitation, including MBSR. 


Josie was awarded International Gold Stevie Award for Maverick of the Year (Difference Maker) for 2014 and 2015, The Women In Business Coach/Mentor of the Year 2014 Silver Award in New York City, and is a former Telstra Business Woman of the Year finalist. 


Josie’s achievements exemplify her genuine care and concern for humanity and her strengths in being a leader effecting positive change globally. In 2020, Josie joined Vision Keepers, and in 2019 was awarded Humanitarian Global Goodwill Ambassador.


Josie has been a regular contributor on the House of Wellness on Channel 7, and shared the stage with the Dalai Lama at the Happiness and It's Causes Conference, the largest happiness conference in the southern hemisphere. 


Josie Thomson has been a force of transformation in the lives of many. What holds the threads of Josie’s work altogether is a commitment to personal transformation. She serves to help “transcend limitations, and transform wounds into love, empowerment, forgiveness, compassion and gratitude.” Her work as a coach, inspirational speaker and guide (not to mention her life experience as someone who has experienced illness, death and has raised two successful children... against all odds) has been inseparable from her own journey toward self-understanding and self-mastery. Come learn how to turn challenges into opportunities for empowerment, strength and wisdom.



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Catherine Robertson is a member the VisionKeepers leadership community.


Catherine is a Wellbeing and Mindfulness Coach, Meditation Facilitator, iEQ9 Enneagram Coach and Inner Child Journey practitioner.


She established her private practice in 2015 and her passion lies in coaching all levels within organisations to be their true, authentic, empowered selves at work and helping to create cultures of psychological safety to maximise wellbeing.

Catherine’s approach has been heavily influenced by the work of Dr Rick Hanson, Ph.D whom she has studied with and been mentored by for many years and is an accredited teacher and group facilitator of his Positive Neuroplasticty training course – focusing on building a robust psychological toolbox and actively using neuroplastic methods to develop lasting inner strengths.

In addition, she has over five years’ experience co-facilitating Family Constellation Workshops and Wilderness Retreats through her work with Essential Wholeness Psychology and has been mentored by its founder Eric Lyleson in deepening her understanding of meditation practices and conflict resolution methods.


Catherine is also a published writer and presented her research into the impact of a gratitude practice on mental health and wellbeing at the 2019 Science and Non-Duality Conference.

Catherine's Email and Phone Details HERE


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Alexander has been in the tutelage of his spiritual father, Master Zhi Gang Sha since 2015, learning the ways of the Tao that govern all life. In that time he has become a Soul Teacher, Tao Hands Healer, Tao Source Communicator and Tao Calligraphy Field Messenger. This empowerment enables him to conduct his life from the soul/information world (where manifestation begins). 

Inspired to transmit wisdom and power through a community forum, Alexander co-created “Unity: The Meeting Place” an annual cultural festival that brings people together from all directions. The Unity Community is founded on the principle that together we have the power to heal the world. 

Alexander offers soul healing blessings, teaches soul wisdom practices and offers spiritual readings through the Akashic Records.



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Everyone has the opportunity to find the Pathway
that speaks to them and is useful for them.

This is about supporting you in opening up to New
Paths and Ways, shining your light from within
to find and navigate your Way
and embrace all that resonates with your heart

as we rebirth the New Earth together.

Principles to Guide The Journey 

This set of principles can guide and help us to create the New Earth we have been dreaming of.

  • Coming into the Heart - compassion, curiosity, acceptance of differences.

  • Becoming comfortable in the unknown - trust, staying present while walking into the new.

  • Harmony and the right relationship with the earth and the ancestors.

  • Becoming more embodied and grounded - body wisdom, healing trauma, being able to hold and channel greater spiritual energies to the Earth plane through our physical bodies.

  • Tuning in to our Intuition - following our own path while remaining- connected to the collective and community.

  • Recognition of our place in the cosmos and the support available in those realms.

  • Taking responsibility for our legacy and the world we are leaving behind.

  • Using creativity and imagination to tune into new realities and move beyond the limitations of collective programming.

Symbols of Influence

A number of symbols have influenced this unfolding of this offering, including the New Way Walking Mandala logo designed by VisionKeepers Yia Alias and Boorroo Parsons, the Tree of Life, the Merkabah, the Hero's Journey and the Chakra Map of Consciousness.

New Way Walking Logo Yia nd Boorroo.png

New Way Walking Mandala


The order of the Journey we are taking together over the weekend has come from deep introspection of all the symbols that have influenced the conceptualisation and co-creation of this Expo project.


VisionKeepers and Facilitators of the Expo Journey,  Ceremonial Women Yia Alias and Boorroo Spirit Medicine Woman, sat together on the land, on Country, for days together contemplating the new ways we are being called to walk at these challenging and changing times, times, turning to the ancient, ceremonial teachings will continue to sustain us. Together, they created a narrative reflecting the New Way walking through a creative Mandala. This image has been juxtaposed upon other symbols of influence the began the enquiry and and eventually become our primary map and logo for the Expo Journey. Gratitude to Sophie Spiers, film maker an mandala co-creator. 


Yia describes the Mandala Map:

Sitting at the centre of the mandala is our Sacred Earth held within an eye.

The eye represents our collective personal responsibility to hold the care of the Earth and humanity as our central focus.

The feet anchor in the New Way Walking. It is a conscious Path which acknowledges moving into the future with a mindful presence.

The seven circles surrounding the earth speaks to the seven generations behind us and the seven generations yet to come.

They are in the colours of the rainbow and can be used as a healing /teaching tool to integrate the energetics of the chakras to bring ones true essence into being so that this new walk can activate.


There are 4 larger gold circles connected with the gold lines framing the the Eye. They represent the disciplines needed to ground oneself on this path of Walking the Walk. They can be seen as developing relationship to Self, this includes being personally responsible for ones emotional life and care of the body. Relationship to Others and the mindful presence that needs constant attention to move interpersonal dynamics into a better relationship. Our relationship to the Sacred Elements of Life, respect for Water Fire Air and Earth, so that we can be the stewards of the earth that our beautiful Earth needs. And the last gold circle is for our Service. Each one of us has gifts to bring into the world that act as our contribution of service for our collective vision to manifest.

This Mandala Prayer Map is activated by calling in the four directions. Respectful gratitude to Boorroo Spirit Medicine Woman for this activation. This activation follows a Path of North South West and East and brings the Mandala to Life by calling in the energetics of each direction.

  • The North calls on the Ancestors

  • The South is the place where the Dreams come through.

  • The West calls on the blessing of the Wisdom Keepers our teachers.

  • The East is the place where everything comes through, the place where we take responsibility of what we allow into Mind Body Spirit for our New Way Walking path.

It is a Prayer, it is a Map, it is a Ceremony. It focuses our attention for the Earth and seven generations into the future. Each action, each thought, each step we take is creating the future. This mandala prayer encourages us to be conscious of our imprint and connects us to our ancestors. It offers an inspirational map/guidance tool to be more fully conscious of our presence in the continuum of life and responsibility to honour it. 

The Many and Valuable Gifts of this Offering.

There is so much more information readily available in our current times, and technology has allowed it to be easily shared and to reach wide audiences.

Many Expo’s and summits that are being offered these days are mainly for sharing of information on a particular topic. There are numerous speakers who talk from their perspective and you as the participant follow along and absorb as much as you can along the way. The proliferation of information is amazing and yet sometimes it can be overwhelming and contribute to information overload. We can know a lot but still not know HOW to change, implement new ideas or land and integrate new behaviours in our bodies.

In contrast, this finely Orchestrated and Creative Journey builds each segment deliberately together. The diversity of perspectives and natural rhythms that unfold are coming from a place of 'Didhirri' (deep listening), Loving Connection, Unity and Reciprocity. This is part of the New Way Walking.

This Expo Journey is different to other offerings in that you will be not only Learning, you will have time to Dive Deep into and Embody the Medicines that arise from the teachings. You will be energetically, physically, emotionally, and intellectually supported by highly experienced facilitators and presenters, each experts in their field, offering well trialled creative and experiential processes.


Transforming during and beyond the gathering, you will be more confidently and spontaneously In Flow with the Natural Rhythms of the Earth and Cosmos. Not only feeling supported in This World, you will embody the wisdom and love gifted to you by Beings of Light in All Worlds to assist you to Become Who You are Truly Meant to Be and to Dream and Lead the Way, on individual and collective levels. 

Finally, a tremendous Gift of this Journey over the weekend, this event will be held in Australia and thus will honour the Indigenous Wisdom, Ceremonies and Customs of the lands we, as facilitators, are on. For those who are from overseas, we welcome the opportunity for you to engage with an Ancient Culture relevant to and valued by you, permeating Timeless Energies supporting you during your transformation on this Journey of New Earth Dreaming ~ New Way Walking.

Overview of The Facilitators who you can take the Journey into the Future HERE

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