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Boorroo, and Adam Crossley

with Heather Price
and Heather with Kassandra Scardino

Saturday Morning:


Harnessing Ancient Wisdom to Support your New Way Walking


Country and your Ancestors are always watching over and guiding you. They may embody trees, landscapes and animals to be able to appear to you in a tangible way. 'Country' itself is your Ancestor, the land of Mother Earth which may have given birth to you or which you choose to reside on, always willing and ready to share their wisdom to assist you to develop traits that you are seeking in order to manifest your dreams. You will be guided on an Inner Journey to connect deeply with the land you reside on and your Ancestors.

There will be yarning and story telling about our Journey with the Ancestors and country. Boorroo will welcome us to country and acknowledge Ancestors. Boorroo, Adam and Heather will then yarn and tell stories of connection with our ancestors and country and how this can anchor us on our daily walking. How our Ancestors may imprint and influence our journey. 

Honouring Boorroo -


I’m a Walbunja Wawarrawarri woman from the East Coast, a Mother and Grandmother. 


I have 20 yrs in Community Services, Juvenile Justice, Mediation, Disability & Carers, Aboriginal Circle Sentencing & Cell Support. For the last 17yrs I have dedicated myself to the Spiritual, from Psychic Mediumship work to Energy and Entity Clearings, Business & House Blessings, Spirit Investigation Medium & Ghost Tours at QStation, to Energy & Sound Healings and Massage- both locally and around this Country. I am an Artist and have recently included Activation Art into my Dillybag of Healing Tools. I have been a part of many Circles & Ceremonies, both Indigenous & non-indigenous, as my Heart & Soul is for Healing, for Mother Earth , Family and Community. 


I was born with many of my gifts, but also hold Knowledge & Wisdom that has been handed down through the generations of my Ancient Ancestors, I am a Spirit & Medicine Woman with a deep Connection to Country & my Ancestors.


Honouring Adam Crossley:

I am Adam Crossley of the Jerrinja tribe, traditional custodians of the Shoalhaven New South Wales.

I have have a strong connection to Jerrinja Country.

I am a VisionKeeper.

I see all of country as Sacred and our life source. 

I believe we all have rights to clean air, clean water, good healthy food sources and somewhere safe and warm to sleep.

My cultural obligation is Caring for Country. Caring for Country takes many forms. Important roles you feel are listening to and feeling country, importantly holding sacred space for and in ceremony.

We can all care for country in what feels right for us individuals.



Sunday Mid Morning:



A Journey of Loving Connection and Healing in Unseen Worlds

As we individually and collectively find ourselves facing some of the most significant changes and
challenges of this time, there is a collective dreaming amongst wise and enlightened beings for the creation
of a New Earth, and a deep craving to develop New Ways to walk to support this dreaming. Kassandra and
Heather will share ancient healing and restorative practices, handed down and taught by seen and unseen
beings since the beginning of time, to support your personal and collective dreaming. It is time for all of us to
take responsibility to keep our energy vibration strong, and to find the courage to shine our light brightly.
There is a light energy field around your physical body that vibrates at a heightened level when it is clear
and clean, however it is consistently impacted every day by current events, unconscious and conscious
thoughts, and significant experiences. All of which may trigger you into memories recorded in your psyche
which can affect how you respond emotionally, mentally, and physiologically to
triggering situations. These
questions arise:

Are you wanting help with healing processes so you can feel more alive and filled with vitality and inner

Are you feeling like there is more to life than what meets the eye but aren't sure where to step next?
Would you like support from wise beings in ‘unseen worlds’ when dealing with emotionally triggering ups
and downs being thrown at you during these changing times?

The veil is thin between the physical, tangible world around you, and other unseen worlds. These worlds are
inhabited by light and shadow beings who can influence you in both positive and negative ways. There are
natural elements and ancient vibrational medicine practices which can be harnessed and applied to support
you to transform and transition at this time, to restore and regenerate your light energy field so you can be
a facilitator and leader, rather than a powerless victim, of change.

This presentation will assist you to build your skills in communicating with guides and spirit and elemental
beings from other worlds, and to clear and cleanse imprints, implants and energies in order to balance your
light energy field which supports your into greater health and wellbeing on all levels, spiritual, physical,
emotional and mental. We will
turn to natural elements and ancient vibrational medicine practices to assist
you to shine your light brightly within, and without, in order to fulfil your personal dreaming a
nd influence the
dreaming of the New Earth and New Ways.

End of Sunday



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Heather is the Visionary for and Co-Founder of The VisionKeeper Leadership Community. She is Shamanic Path and Practice (SPP) Founder, Director, Trainer, and Practitioner. Heather's greatest passions are in her roles  as Ceremony Woman and she enjoys training people in Vision Planning and Crystal Wisdom. Heather has a degree in and passion for Social Science, majoring in clinical counselling and applied psychology. Her most treasured role currently is of Grandmother!

Heather currently resides in Maleny, South East Queensland in Australia, and travels broadly on her mission to connect people with their powerful and authentic inner spirit. She aspires those who walk with her to live, love and lead in a spirited and loving way, in your True-Heart Nature, holding respect for ancestors and future generations, for community, and for the earth.


Heather guides you to have clear dreams and visions, with strong, reliable guidelines and personal and professional Manifestos to fulfil these.  To assist her on this journey, Heather teaches The 8 Ways, Shamanic Guidelines for Walking Consciously and Confidently in the World.


Heather has offered hundreds of online Sacred Drum Journeys since 2020 to support her community through great challenges and change these past years. She has held numerous shamanic wisdom walks,  sacred circles and workshops in person since 2004, consistently taken her offerings to a number of women's community retreats and festivals. She offers sacred practices to support Heart-Centred Consciousness, inspiring Co-Creation Mastership and has worked extensively in corporate arenas.

Heather is a published author and contributes articles to on-line communities on a regular basis. 

Find out more about Heather and her offerings at:


Born with empathic abilities Kassandra unlocked her potential after studying Pranic Healing and becoming a
full-time energetic healer in 2011. Kassandra works as a psychic, healer, crystal teacher and spiritual coach.
She is accredited internationally for her modality Point Of Light Crystal Therapy that is a combination of
energetic reprogramming that rewrites cellular memories in the human matrix resolving an array of conflicts
within people's lives. Kassandra is working to create a common mission of health, abundance, sustainability
and wellbeing within the community and a beacon for those seeking assistance on their journey.

Kassandra’s Vision and Mission: It is my vision to provide a therapy that will create freedom from the limiting patterns and beliefs that have been holding people back from stepping into their full potential in health, relationships, abundance and purpose.

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Kassandra Scardino
Point of Light Therapy

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