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Nicolas Perrin

Collective Dreaming and Visioning: 


Join Nicolas and the Vision Keepers to explore new frontiers of possibility through your creativity and imagination to begin to tune into futuristic New Earth visions that honours life and restores the sacredness in living. Nicolas will guide you to use some of your more subtle gifts to open up and perceive information that you can tap into within the quantum field. As you and the group begin to go beyond what has been seen before, your energy begins to crystallise these new possibilities and increases the probability of them unfolding as future realities. Instead of feeling a deep sense of uncertainty about the future, learn how you can align yourself to a reality that you do prefer and support humanity in creating a future that brings goodness and wellness for all. 


Conscious Creation Workshop as part of the Vision Keepers "New Earth dreaming New way walking" retreat expo held this afternoon on Sunday, 19th March Exploring 6 key steps through a practical guided journey into an altered state of consciousness to align with useful energies in service to a world held in love, compassion, kindness and unity.

Nicolas invites you to join to the Numagi dreaming community to continue the journey with him. The ways to contact him are listed below. 



Nicolas originally worked in the corporate world living the 9 to 5 world and transitioned out 10 years ago choosing to live a heart centred life. Moving out of a survival to a thriving mindset, opened Nicolas up to embracing his gifts and living a courageous life of freedom. 


Nicolas Perrin is a life guide who supports difference makers to catalyze their most potent dormant gifts and live a life aligned to soul destiny. Nicolas supports his clients, who are gifted, to transcend the pain of playing small, confused on life direction, and find it challenging to share their unique message with the world.  His clients are supported through the creation of a magnetic vision & activating their divine soul blue print enabling them to make the highest difference in the world. 


Nicolas believes in a holistic approach and shares about New Earth Paradigms, Intuition, meditation, energetic transmissions, somatic body transformation, soul driven leadership and a thriving mindset.  He has been on his own inner awakened journey for 15 years and shares this gift with others too.


Nicolas has run over five hundred workshops, co-created with other facilitators and offered his work at conferences all over the world. 


Over the last 3 years Nicolas has been living around the world visiting sacred sites and intentional communities.  As a visionary, he is supporting to share alternative ways humanity can thrive in a win/win scenario with each other and the Earth.




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