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Kerstin Buccolierio

Body Magic: Earth ~ Brain ~ Gut Connection 

Earth ~ Brain ~ Gut Connection Receiving Gifts and Nourishment from the Earth 

Earth ~ Brain ~ Gut Connection Receiving Gifts and Nourishment from the Earth.

Join Kerstin on a guided meditation called “Body Magic” using a physical experience. 


Mother earth expresses her dreaming by nourishing her dreams into being: 


A seed carrying its own dreaming may be washed into the earth with the rains, to be embraced by earth, connecting to the earth, growing roots into a dark womb full of life-living nourishment. 


Called up by the sunlight, the seedling begins to grow towards the sun, caring forth the co-created dreaming.


Once we harvest the seedling, we harvest the life experience and knowledge of the co-creating elements, its birthplace, the soil and mother earth dreaming.


Entering into our human body, the seedling meets our digestive system which will have a chance to read the seedling, giving our gut a lot of information on the journey it has made and the dreaming it carries. 


Simplified, this is how our gut sees without eyes and hears without ears – truly examining the outside world, taking it apart and deciding what needs discarding and what of all of that is entering our body. Just like the seedling met mother earth dreaming it is now part of our own dreaming as a whole – by this I mean where and how the seedling came to be.


Our nervous system isn’t allowing for a lot of communication between gut-brain and head-brain, as both are serving different purposes, all we truly get is the gut feeling which is easy to ignore when we are busying ourselves by focusing on the outside world rather and head-brain and heart decisions.


If we like to access the knowledge gathered within our gut, which certainly includes cells’ caring memory and has the placidity of our head brain - implying learning with the ability to respond and changes accordingly, we need to make some effort and direct our awareness toward it.


This meditation aims to strengthen your relationship with the spirit of Wise One deep in the dark of your body who is working your whole digestive system like a magician in a cauldron.

Listening to your gut is part of the old ways, and from your gut intuition, you may find support guiding you to the new way of walking, coming from a knowledge reaching out from deep within.


To allow the experience, please have something eatable and nourishing ready e.g., one salad leaf, a carrot to take a bite off, certainly something you enjoy eating.


I’m looking forward to welcoming you.




Kerstin Buccoliero began her journey as a Physiotherapist in 1986 in her birth country of Germany. Following her deep interest in the union of body-mind-spirit, she undertook further studies in a large variety of modalities, with one of her most studied subjects being craniosacral balancing in the 90ties followed by the Biodynamic version of Craniosacral Balancing, as well as neurological treatment technics and other light touch therapies such as Orthobionomy. 


By combining her Bio-mechanical knowledge with many years of awareness training, meditation, and tantra with her clinical practice, Kerstin has developed a unique skill set incorporating multiple modalities, that maybe best described as integrative bodywork.


Kerstin's practice combines her passion for Yoga, dance, and dance therapy, as well as studies in Shamanic wisdom, which she has practiced in Germany, France, and Australia.


She currently studies for her diploma in counselling which she hopes to complete in the first half of 2023, truly combining studies regarding all aspects of the body-mind and spirit unity and oneness.






What does memory, learning, and plasticity mean for our gut? Well, it certainly indicates a thinking process and one we are not aware of!

How can you deepen the process of inner knowing and new way walking?

Meditation is a bridge I often use to support deep listening in the present moment. Being present, and deeply listening to the physical expression of life, is my passion for using integrative body work. 

I have chosen the meditative journey to our gut feeling since our digestive system is certainly playing a vital role in our overall well-being.

‘When the metabolism is overwhelmed by stress, nervous system resiliency is eroded and the feedback loops of the ANS (Autonomic Nervous System) are no longer functional. This chronic stress condition has a significant impact on psoas function.’ Conny Pulvermacher.


The psoas muscle is known to a lot of people as THE fight and flight muscle per se as its physical function is to truly bring your leg forward fast, when on the ready steady go – race starting block. This is once more pointing out just how everything in our body-mind -spirit unit is connected and can be reached with integrative bodywork to support in overcoming obstacles, through support re-balancing of the nervous system as well as enhancing mobility for the whole body. In return, body-mind-heart and soul are better prepared for new earth dreaming and taking the steps into new earth walking.

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