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Shari Elle and Catherine Robertson

Power of Authentic Communication 

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Join Shari and Catherine for an exploration and discussion around what it means to be authentic - with ourselves, in our communications with others and what gets in the way of us being our true selves.

You will leave the session with an understanding and appreciation of the positive impact authentic communication can have in our lives.




Shari recognises that the quality of the life we live together is in the quality of our words, and how we communicate with ourselves and with others.

That our relationships, and level of trust, are enriched or eroded through what we say, and how we say it. Creating unity or division.

She recognises that we communicate primarily through energy… In fact, this is our first language. And so there is power, including power to influence, when we speak from core authenticity, rather than our thoughts and judgements or manipulation to get the outcome we think we want.

Similarly, our ability to create the future we dream of on this planet is about being in
alignment with what really matters to us, the qualities of Life, not the outcome. The
outcome comes from our inner alignment.

Shari shares the missing piece, of how to listen beyond the words of what someone is saying to instead, listen from a deeper place, and experience, the true essence of “connection”.

She runs programs which support people to stand in their natural leadership, and speak
from their true power.

She lives near the beach on the Sunshine Coast, and has 2 grown sons who light up her life and is nourished by deep enriching relationships.



Catherine Robertson is a Wellbeing and Mindfulness Coach, Meditation Facilitator, iEQ9 Enneagram Coach and Inner Child Journey practitioner.


She established her private practice in 2015 and her passion lies in coaching all levels within organisations to be their true, authentic, empowered selves at work and helping to create cultures of psychological safety to maximise wellbeing.

Catherine’s approach has been heavily influenced by the work of Dr Rick Hanson, Ph.D whom she has studied with and been mentored by for many years and is an accredited teacher and group facilitator of his Positive Neuroplasticty training course – focusing on building a robust psychological toolbox and actively using neuroplastic methods to develop lasting inner strengths.

In addition, she has over five years’ experience co-faclitating Family stellation Workshops and Wilderness Retreats through her work with Essential Wholeness Psychology and has been mentored by its founder Eric Lyleson in deepening her understanding of meditation practices and conflict resolution methods.

Catherine is also a published writer and presented her research into the impact of a gratitude practice on mental health and wellbeing at the 2019 Science and Non-Duality Conference.

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