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Alison Petrie

1. Mandala Co-Creation with Etty Ayalon

2. Embodying Your Vision

3. Divine Harmony with Geeti and Gyan



In this session we will create a mandala together to hold our intentions for the expo, and anchor us into a larger source of strength, wisdom and creativity. Please have a candle and a glass or bowl of water prepared. If you can, please collect some objects from nature that are beautiful to you - flowers, shells, sticks, stones, feathers, bark or leaves as well as any personal objects that are sacred or meaningful for you. You may also choose to participate just by witnessing the process.




When you move towards change, expansion and stepping into your visions and dreams you will often meet your own resistance.  Our bodies hold our memories, beliefs and fears and want to keep us safe. This can show up as unconscious contractions and limiting patterns which can inhibit the free flow of our natural energy and confidence and stop us from manifesting our dreams.


In this presentation, you will understand how to work with the body to create change and  experience a powerful process to meet your body’s resistance to your expansion and shift your energy to embody your deepest vision.




This multimedia offering merges sound and movement in a beautiful and sacred natural landscape to transmit the feeling of harmony, deep listening to the land, expressions of masculine and feminine in the natural world and cooperation and flow between people.


As we harmonise within, we are able to cultivate flow and harmony with the world around us. As we restore balance to body, mind and spirit we can slow down to listen deeply to the earth and nature around us.


We feature movements from Kiryuho tradition that teach us to awaken life force (KI), relax into flow (RYU) and harmonise with the laws of existence(HO). One key movement is the Figure 8 or Mobius which can rebalance left and right hemispheres of the brain and attune us to the rhythms of life. The soundscape is designed to evoke love and devotion to the divine, open our hearts and express gratitude to the earth and her wisdom.


Alison is a Sydney based Tantric Facilitator and Embodiment Practitioner who holds space with high integrity and powerful depth. Alison has a special gift for supporting women to restore and embody their feminine nature and reclaim the ability to feel pleasure and joy.. 

After leaving the corporate world she originally trained in Psychology and Counselling but soon discovered the importance of  body- based modalities, conscious sexuality and energy work as integral parts of supporting people to return to wholeness. Her studies span Tantra, trauma-informed bodywork, Conscious Dance Facilitation, Yoga and Meditation. She utilises these tools and learnings in her workshops and her private practice to provide a safe, deep and loving space for healing, transformation and growth.




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