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Josie Thomson

End Self-Sabotage with Personal Responsibility and a Heart-Centred Mindset  

  • Do you ever wonder if you might somehow be getting in your own way?

  • Are you tired of the ups and downs of never-ending patterning? 

  • Isn’t it time to break free of lack and limitation once and for all?

  • Are you craving a sense of belonging beyond the loneliness of your path?


If so, then please join Josie Thomson, as part of the Vision Keepers global community, to explore the true meaning of ending self-sabotage.

Bring your open mind and heart to accept the call to a New Earth Dreaming, A New Way Walking – to raise your eyes, arms and heart for the greater healing of yourself, humanity and our beloved Mother Earth.


In this New Way Walking, we can allow self-sabotage and loneliness to be a friend. May it be welcomed into your heart, just like each and every feeling, Each time the pain of self-sabotage or loneliness arises, may it be thanked for trusting you with the doubts, fears, and regrets it has been embarrassed to share. Dare to hold it in your arms. Aspire to be its space for safety even when feeling burdened or harmed by it. Breathe with it. Ask to know its name and the journey that brought it into being. Dare to be its faithful listener and companion. Offer it permission to be a valued part of your life, no matter how much you wish different feelings or circumstances were in play. In doing so, the door of protection once guarding your heart will have permission to open. 


In this session, you will remember how all parts are to be welcomed, just as they are, with nothing but love remaining – no matter the unexpected visitors that come and go. This is the heart of emotional freedom. This is how we become a consciousness for a New Earth Dreaming, A New Way Walking.


The time of individuation is over. The time to remember our Oneness and to embody comm-unity consciousness is now.  It's time to lay down the effortfulness and striving frequencies we've been programmed and conditioned with, to embrace a New Way Walking on this earth in resonance with the nature of nature... with grace, knowing and surrender.


This live, interactive group healing event is an invitation to:

  • Learn the true meaning of sabotage and how to move beyond it

  • Discover profound relief by releasing your inner saboteur

  • Have the chance to ask Josie your biggest life wondering


If you're ready to experience more flow, joy, clarity, inspiration, renewal, and emotional freedom, then you are invited to end self-sabotage – once and for all. 



Josie Thomson’s life mission is to provide guidance, tools and practical skills in how to overcome adversity, heal and build resilient leaders and communities.


Josie is a multi-award winning executive coach based in Brisbane, Australia who has pioneered the use of neuroscience principles in working with business leaders around the globe. Josie is also the CEO of Wise Advocate Enterprises and a force for transformation in the lives of many. She is an acclaimed international speaker, author, and resilience and mindset expert, as well as two-time cancer survivor.


Josie completed studies in business, positive neuroplasticity, reiki, kinesiology with flower essences, executive masters studies in the Neuroscience of Leadership, and workplace mindfulness facilitation, including MBSR.  Josie was awarded International Gold Stevie Award for Maverick of the Year (Difference Maker) for 2014 and 2015, The Women In Business Coach/Mentor of the Year 2014 Silver Award in New York City, and is a former Telstra Business Woman of the Year finalist.  Josie’s achievements exemplify her genuine care and concern for humanity and her strengths in being a leader effecting positive change globally.


In 2020, Josie joined Vision Keepers, and in 2019 was awarded Humanitarian Global Goodwill Ambassador. Josie has been a regular contributor on the House of Wellness on Channel 7, and shared the stage with the Dalai Lama at the Happiness & It's Causes Conference, the largest happiness conference in the southern hemisphere.  Josie Thomson has been a force of transformation in the lives of many. What holds the threads of Josie’s work altogether is a commitment to personal transformation. She serves to help “transcend limitations, and transform wounds into love, empowerment, forgiveness, compassion and gratitude.” Her work as a coach, inspirational speaker and guide (not to mention her life experience as someone who has experienced illness, death and has raised two successful children... against all odds) has been inseparable from her own journey toward self-understanding and self-mastery.


Come learn how to turn challenges into opportunities for empowerment, strength and wisdom.












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