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5 Rhythms Dance 




The new way walking is calling us to shift into our hearts. Michelle will lead an experiential 5Rhythms dance journey to guide you to come home to your body and the wisdom of your heart and inner knowing. When we drop into our heart there is a sense of relaxation, and belonging where we feel our kinship with all of life. Be inspired to awaken the spirit of joy in your heart through movement. 5Rhythms dance is a transformative movement meditation practise where there are no steps to follow, you are invited to follow your own creative movement and expression that comes from within, guided by a journey through a series of 5 universal rhythms that form a wave. As we follow the flow of movement from within us, our source energy begins to open, flooding the body with vital energy, clearing stuckness, dissolving armouring, mind chatter and limitations and opening the expansive energy of the heart. We move into the infinite dimension of ourselves where we feel our interconnection with all of life. 


 These sessions is suitable for all ages and levels of physical ability and no movement experience is necessary. 


Throughout history dance has always been used as a path of healing, prayer and social cohesion as well as community celebration. Geeti, Gyan and Michelle will lead a Conscious  dance of celebration and connection to complete our expo journey with uplifting live music and heartsongs. We will come together as a collective to integrate our expo journey and connect with others who have journeyed with us, allowing our light to shine, be seen and be witnessed by others. We will join together to create a global dance of unity coming together as one tribe, one heart, one love, sending our prayers and blessings for the new earth to the whole planet through dance and song. Join us to amplify the love and send it out to the world. 


Michelle Mahrer is an Embodiment Mentor, 5Rhythms Dance Teacher, Dance Movement Therapist, Medicine Woman, Filmmaker and international best selling author, based in Sydney with over 25 year’s experience teaching in Australia and internationally.


Her passion is to help conscious women and men on a path of self growth to reconnect with joy, wellbeing and wholeness. She creates sacred spaces to awaken your own creative movement that comes from within, relaxing the mind, coming home to the body, to embody your soul and essence. She teaches you how to use embodied movement to connect with source energy that is your healing power. This work helps heal trauma, bringing back into wholeness all the fragmented parts of self, opening deeper authenticity, self empowerment and freedom.


Her mission is to contribute to the upliftment of humanity through the joy and power of dance, so that together we can become a healing channel for ourselves and all of life, and return to love our true nature.


Michelle is passionate about the power of dance to help heal our trauma and disconnection, to come back into alignment with our true nature and power, and equally passionate about creating community, bringing diverse groups of people together to experience our common humanity, belonging, connection and love through dance. 



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