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Ettinka (Etty Ayalon) 
1. Mandala Co-Creation with Alison Petrie
2. Sacred Dr
um Journey
3. The Three Mothers ~ Ancient Hebrew Magic for the New Earth with Mignon Mukti


In this session we will create a mandala together to hold our intentions for the expo, and anchor us into a larger source of strength, wisdom and creativity. Please have a candle and a glass or bowl of water prepared. If you can, please collect some objects from nature that are beautiful to you - flowers, shells, sticks, stones, feathers, bark or leaves as well as any personal objects that are sacred or meaningful for you. You may also choose to participate just by witnessing the process.


Integration of Your Vision for the New Earth with Ettinka.

Ettinka will guide you on a sacred drum journey to connect to your guides and higher self, so that you may gain insight into your vision for the new earth that we are collectively creating together. What it looks like for you and what your role within it is. This is an invitation to ask for guidance on how this new paradigm will benefit all areas of your life such as relationships, career, abundance, health etc and what initial steps you need to take to move into the new earth with ease and grace.




Join Etty and Mukti on a Journey into the 3 Mothers: the sacred elements of Air, Water and Fire, based in Kabbalistic Traditions of the Tree of Life and Book of Creation.


Learn how to strengthen your middle pillar, the trunk of the Tree of Life within, and connect to the 3 Mothers (Air, Water, Fire) that are the building blocks of creation, honouring the relationships between them, that are also held within you. Discover how the elements represent free will and the exchange between giving and receiving and how to understand the balance of reciprocity. Explore the magical power in working with symbols and sounds, steeped in the ancient traditions of Hebrew for healing and balance, through embodiment with breath, mantra (chant) and sound healing to invigorate you for your continued journey into the new earth.





Etty Ayalon (Ettinka)

Ettinka is an Israeli born Australia based Lightworker who is passionate about Shamanism and Kabbalah.


Ettinka is proficient in energy healing and Shamanic Path & Practice with a wide range of tools available and works intuitively as guided by Spirit. Ettinka shares her unique teaching in workshops, offers rite of passage ceremonies, is an artist and short story author.


Ettinka also known as Etty, began her awakening in the year 2000 and is focused on anchoring light into the planet to support its journey into the New Earth. As such she is happy to share the knowledge and wisdom she has accumulated over the past two decades.


Her approach to energy work is to empower you with tools to heal yourself and learn how to raise and maintain your energetic vibration. She is not the healer rather a facilitator that creates the space for you to connect with your innate wisdom and healing guides in support of your transformation.


Ettinka’s tool kit includes Reiki (Master), colour therapy, aromatherapy massage, vibrational essences, Theta healing, The Malchitzedeck Method, Shamanic Path & Practice, Hebrew Letters of Light, Tree of Life Healing, crystal bowl sound healings, drum journeys and more...


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