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Tara Fischer
A Nature Constellation 


Join Tara Fischer for an experiential workshop on the movements of the Soul- A Nature Constellations and the potential for profound healing, understanding & self-knowledge.


Systemic Nature Constellations has multiple facets and can be understood as cutting-edge psychotherapy, a reintroduction to ancient shamanic wisdom and also an introduction to the evolution of wisdom, leading the inquirer to 'knowing thyself’ and your intrinsic connection to Mother Earth and all of the elements. Discover your nature helper and be guided through an experiential workshop which includes meditation and movement. You will have a felt sense in your body of both how nature wants to work with you as an ally to help navigate these changing times. You will also experience how nature works together as one living organism as a community. YOU will commune directly with nature and its  profound healing force, feeling held, supported, grounded and safe. 


Tara is a medicine woman and ceremonialist, feminine embodiment mentor, family constellations facilitator, DARE counsellor, master kundalini dance teacher, tantric and sex educator and a trauma informed bodyworker. 

After a near death experience in 1994. Allopathic medicine offered her little relief or cure for her dis-ease. This led her on her own holistic self healing journey and curing her endometriosis. As a result, Tara has studied with some of the most unique teachers around the world over the past 29 years. Her greatest passion is to assist and guide people to the source of their own happiness, love and personal power. To enable them to experience the joy of life and the pleasure in all things.


Tara teaches people how to work with the powerful forces of nature using the modality of Systemic Nature Constellations and movement. Weaving her tools together to facilitate deep change on all levels of your being. Bringing you into alignment with your true nature and purpose. 

Tara embodies the work that she teaches as she has journeyed deeply through her own transformational awakening using these tools. She holds deep spaces of transformation with great care, compassion, integrity and love. 



Work with Tara

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