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Symbols of Influence

A number of symbols have influenced the unfolding of this offering, including the New Way Walking Mandala logo designed by VisionKeepers Yia Allias and Boorroo Parsons, the Tree of Life, the Merkabah, the Hero's Journey and the Chakra Map of Consciousness.  

The Hero's Journey and Chakra Map of Consciousness

The original Chakra Map to guide the Expo Journey that was developed by VisionKeepers to reflect the archetypal story of The Hero's Journey where a hero goes on a quest for adventure and finds his or herself able to overcome obstacles along the way, returning home changed and transformed. 

(The Hero's Journey is a mystical story or monomyth identified as a pattern and quest that can be further explored within the teachings of Joseph Campbell). 

The Chakra System Map has been creatively interwoven with the Four Direction Map of the New Way Walking Mandala Map - beginning the journey from the North to ground and connect with Ancestors and Ancient Wisdom, then crossing to South to imagine and clarify Visions, before moving to the West to receive tools to embody and integrate the journey, and finally East to celebrate your experiences as follows:


  1. Base Chakra: Mother Earth Heart Centredness and Compassion Strong Foundation of Love. World Below. 

  2. Sacral: CoCreation and Union and Partnership with the Divine Feminine and Masculine. Worlds Within and Without.

  3. Solar Plexus: Self Love - Joy, Awe, Wonder Play - Exploring the Multiple Possibilities through the Digital Multi-Media Worlds. 

  4. Heart: Inner Knowing with"a Solid Connection to Own Heart Wisdom and Universla Law.

  5. Throat: Quest for Truth is the Focus, Speak to Expand Vibration. Collective Vision

  6. Third Eye: Didiri Presence - Deep Listening, Ancestral Connection and to Humanity. Worlds Within and Spaces in Between Between Worlds. Support from Multiple Dimensions of Consciousness. World Above and Multiple Worlds.

  7. Crown: The Mystery. Contented to Not Know Yet - Yet to be Discovered. Unknown Worlds.

  8. Central Whole Self - New Earth Dreaming New Way Walking. Infinite Possibilities. Future Quests - and Action Focused for Now.


Merkabah Symbol.png

Merkabah ~ A Chariot for Your Light Body

The Merkabah an Ancient Symbol derived from three Hebrew words Mer (Light)-Ka (Spirit) -Ba (or Bah, Body) used to define and navigate the Connection Between the Divine and the Physical World of Nature which will support you to ascend into the Higher Realms of Consciousness. This Symbol has influenced the birthing of this Journey of New Earth Dreaming ~ New Way Walking.


(Reference for Merkabah origin came from an article by Olivia Young, August 27, 2022:

1920 1080 mum - 2023-01-24T224000.067.png

The Tree of Life

A Journey where Heaven, The World Above, meets Earth, The World Below and Around You. The Tree of Life, known as Etc Chaim in Judaism,  brings wisdom, and calmness,  connects Ancestors with their Descendants, Heaven with Earth, Ancient Wisdom with New Ways, Dreams with Action Steps.


Celtic Wisdom saw Trees as Gatekeepers to the Celtic Underworld.

In Australian Indigenous Culture Trees are seen as Family Members with Living Spirits to be treated with respect and consulted for their Wisdom and Guidance.  

This Tree can be seen as the Dreaming Tree in the World Within - which holds the Dream of the New Earth and New Way Walking. 

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