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Panel Discussion
with Nicolas Perrin, Marc Cottee, Joe Figliano and Alexander Macpherson.

Join our panel of  Thought Leaders who will be discussing the theme New Earth Dreaming ~ New Way Walking as they share their vast experience of building and serving conscious communities during these changing and transformative times.




Nicolas originally worked in the corporate world living the 9 to 5 world and transitioned out 10 years ago choosing to live a heart centred life. Moving out of a survival to a thriving mindset, opened Nicolas up to embracing his gifts and living a courageous life of freedom. 


Nicolas Perrin is a life guide who supports difference makers to catalyze their most potent dormant gifts and live a life aligned to soul destiny. Nicolas supports his clients, who are gifted, to transcend the pain of playing small, confused on life direction, and find it challenging to share their unique message with the world.  His clients are supported through the creation of a magnetic vision & activating their divine soul blue print enabling them to make the highest difference in the world. 


Nicolas believes in a holistic approach and shares about New Earth Paradigms, Intuition, meditation, energetic transmissions, somatic body transformation, soul driven leadership and a thriving mindset.  He has been on his own inner awakened journey for 15 years and shares this gift with others too.


Nicolas has run over five hundred workshops, co-created with other facilitators and offered his work at conferences all over the world. 


Over the last 3 years Nicolas has been living around the world visiting sacred sites and intentional communities.  As a visionary, he is supporting to share alternative ways humanity can thrive in a win/win scenario with each other and the Earth.




Instagram: LionHeartCoach






Director of  Primal Wellness Solutions – Nature Therapy, Marc is a nature guide, mindfulness coach, NLP practitioner, sound healer, reiki practitioner, space-holder, social ecologist and musician. 

Marc’s fondest childhood memories are of enchanted wanderings with the family dog on his grandparent’s bushland property. As the years passed, this love of nature flourished. Having spent decades learning from and supporting First Nations peoples, Marc is passionate about connecting to Country, reconciliation, community building, mindfulness in nature and earth medicine. He is determined to contribute to a more sustainable, compassionate and connected world where people and nature thrive together. 

Marc offers guided mindfulness walks in nature and tailors them according to the desires of the client. His walks are crafted around facilitating a personal experience of deep living connection with nature, as participants wanders in a childlike state through the bush. Walks might also include earthing meditations, bush tucker knowledge, plant and animal communication, survival skills or a didgeridoo sound bath. His primary aim is to inspire and support people to be more connected with, appreciative of and thus protective of – nature. He believes this personal relationship is key to each of us becoming Earth’s wise and benevolent stewards. 

Marc says the psychological and physical benefits of spending time in nature are wide ranging - from a deeply calming of the nervous system right down to clinically proven reduction in cortisol, adrenaline levels and inflammation, a natural increase in ‘feel-good’ hormones like dopamine, the exchange of positive and negative ions, increased oxygenation and alkalinity of the blood, and better sleep – all of which create a glowing state of wellbeing. Getting a clear, direct, embodied experience of being in connection with nature, he says, is so healing, empowering and joyful. 

Marc has many years of experience facilitating environmental education and nature connection programs for school age children and adults for his local council. As an NLP practitioner, he facilitates powerful experiences of desired positive states (e.g. calm, focused, energised, motivated, empowered) then guides clients to ‘anchor’ these states, enabling them to re-access these states at will. Marc’s sacred music ensemble, FlowState, regularly performs at public sound bath events, yoga classes and meditations. He sometimes plays the didgeridoo on his nature walks. Marc feels it is a privilege to witness people evolving and deepening their interconnectedness with life as he holds space for them. Through his modalities of nature immersion, mindfulness and sound baths, he sees his clients become more peaceful, positive, optimistic and inspired. 

Marc has a Bachelor of Applied Science - Social Ecology, with major studies and accreditation in Environmental Education and Advocacy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming practitioner, Studies in Social and Therapeutic. He is a Reiki Master Practitioner Usui Shiki Ryoho. He has advanced skills in First Aide in remote situations and in cardiopulmonary resuscitation basic emergency life support.





Joe Figliano is Founder of Lovefest Australia and co-founder of Unity The Meeting Place. Joe's journey began in 2008 when he healed himself from Crohns Disease. Now through events and festivals, Joe creates and holds space for people on their inner journey to deepen connection and love for self, community and planet. Joe is also co-founder of the Love Village concept where there can be multiple locations of community living together in harmony with each other, and nature in one connected network.



Information on Joe and Lovefest and Contact information can be found here:

​Join the Lovefest Community on facebook here:



Alexander has been in the tutelage of his spiritual father, Master Zhi Gang Sha since 2015, learning the ways of the Tao that govern all life. In that time he has become a Soul Teacher, Tao Hands Healer, Tao Source Communicator and Tao Calligraphy Field Messenger. This empowerment enables him to conduct his life from the soul/information world (where manifestation begins). 

Inspired to transmit wisdom and power through a community forum, Alexander co-created “Unity: The Meeting Place” an annual cultural festival that brings people together from all directions. The Unity Community is founded on the principle that together we have the power to heal the world. 

Alexander offers soul healing blessings, teaches soul wisdom practices and offers spiritual readings through the Akashic Records.


For interest in collaborating with Unity you can email:

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